Kay Parker Classic Adult Star Biography

Kay Parker was reportedly introduced to the adult film industry during the late 1970s by actor John Leslie who suggested Parker to take part in one of Leslie's upcoming films at that time.

Upon hearing that it was a pornographic movie, Parker reportedly declined the offer. But eventually she got eased into the industry by only playing bit parts in non-sexual roles, until porn director Anthony Spinelli talked her into doing her first sex scene in the 1977 film, Sex World.

Parker's first onscreen sex partner was porn actor Joey Silvera. And according to various interviews Parker gave during her active years within the industry, she revealed that Joey Silvera and she got a bit carried away during their sex scene, which ultimately got so vigorous and so out of hand that Parker actually got a chipped tooth as a result. Her chipped tooth is clearly visible in subsequent films that she starred.

Shortly after the release of Spinelli's Sex World, Parker quickly became a sensation in the adult film industry. Parker became one of the most popular starlets at that time, as well as being one of the most requested to work with by the male porn actors of the day. Her favorites included John Leslie (who introduced her to the adult industry), Paul Thomas, Herschel Savage, Mike Ranger, Joey Silvera, and Randy West.

She appeared in adult films during the late 1970s, and throughout most of the 1980s. She is best known for her large natural breasts. Many of her devoted fans also greatly admire her for her acting talent, for being a more mature pornographic actress (she was in her 30's by the time she participated in hardcore sex scenes), as well for having a significant amount of dark pubic hair.

Her work basically consisted of vaginal and oral sex, dress up, lesbian encounters, and use of vibrators.

Taboo Fame

Her most famous role was that of the incestuous mother Barbara Scott, in the 1980 incest porn film Taboo, and several of its sequels. In the original Taboo, Parker has sex with well endowed porn actor Mike Ranger who plays the role of her son, "Paul". In Taboo 2, Parker has sex with a young actor who portrays, "Junior", her son's best friend. In Taboo 3, Parker has sex with her younger son Jerry Butler, who she has mistaken for her older son, "Paul." Also in these incest porn videos there are other examples of sex between characters portraying brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, and mothers and sons.

The series of Taboo incest porn films developed very devoted fans, especially those who like incest porn and fantasies. Many male fans admired Parker as a "mother" they could fantasize about. She has even taken on a type of cult-like persona as many of her fans talk about her and their fantasies in chat rooms.

She revealed during her commentary for the DVD "Taboo: Special Edition" that there was definitely a mutual attraction between herself and porn actor Mike Ranger despite a 10-12 year age gap between them. She also hinted that she and Mike enjoyed many off screen sex romps after the filming for Taboo ended as well.

Kay Parker Trivia
  • At the height of her popularity, Parker proved to be so popular that she was able to obtain a small part in the Burt Reynolds film, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982) where she can be seen during a quick scene at the beginning of the movie.
  • She has admitted in interviews that she generally prefers younger men.
  • Parker is also wrestler Mick Foley's all time favorite pornstar, as mentioned in his book, Foley is Good where he has even mentioned her name during wrestling events held in England. She is also a favorite of Southern author/humorist Ed Williams, and is one of the people his second book, "Rough As A Cob: More From the Juliette Journals" is dedicated to.

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Kay Parker Classic Porn Star
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Kay Parker Classic Porn Star
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Kay Parker Classic Porn Star
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